The Glee Effect

It appears to be a national trend forming in high school arts programs. It is all because of the Fox TV show “Glee”. Across the nation, more and more students are succumbing to the “Glee Effect” and there seems to be an uptick in enrollment in school choirs and theatre programs. Here is a sampling of articles that were in the press recently.   The first article quotes a Marriotts Ridge Student in the first paragraph.

‘Glee’ puts high school choirs at center stage – Baltimore Sun

The ‘Glee’ effect: Singing is cool again

As one choral teacher gleefully puts it: Singing is cool again.

Glee: How “Glee” is changing high school choir

The “real Will Schuester” explains the way Fox’s hit show is pushing boundaries in a world known for jazz hands

High school choir programs growing fast and gleefully – Wire – Lifestyle –

Gabriel Herrera has never had a Slushy thrown in his face.


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