About the FAAC


This site will keep you up-to-date on what the Howard County Fine Arts Advisory Council is working on as well as HCPSS fine arts events and resources for parents and students.

What is the Fine Arts Advisory Council?

The mission of the Fine Arts Advisory Council is to ensure that high quality, equitable, and consistent fine arts education programs are provided and maintained for the students of the Howard County Public School System.

The purposes of the FAAC are to:

  • Establish and maintain a system of communication between the Howard County community and the staff of the Fine Arts Programs.
  • Establish and maintain a community of advocates for fine arts education who view the inclusion of fine arts education as essential.
  • Collect, and report information/data regarding the artistic needs of Howard County students to fine arts program staff and leadership.
  • Advise, counsel, and collaborate with school system staff to facilitate continuous improvement and maintenance of HCPSS Fine Arts Programs.

Short Term Plans:

Arts College Night October 13, 2014 6:30-9 pm at Howard High School.  Presenters will discuss the how, what, and when that parents and students need to know when planning to major in the fine and performing arts. Topics such as preparing recordings and portfolios will be included as well as suggested questions they should ask throughout the process.  This event is designed for students in grade 8 through 11.

Central Arts Calendar Will feature all schools’ arts related events. Designed to promote your programs to families, interested community members, and the media

Advocacy Support arts education throughout the county, represent the arts at School Board Meetings, educate community leaders on the importance of arts education and offer support to arts teachers and administrators as needed.

Updating Central Website This will serve as a central resource to direct parents and students to other resources throughout the area. We also would like to highlight successes throughout the county. We would love to hear of any success stories (e.g. students selected to participate in a special choir or band, students win awards, or other recognition).

Middle School Survey Will survey middle schools to determine exactly what programs are taking place in each school during the school day and also through after school programs in an effort to determine where additional needs exist and to strengthen the feeder system into high school arts programs.

Contact us We are always looking for new ideas and input from you and parents with children interested in the arts. Please feel free to contact us:

Planning Committee:

George Wilson, Co-Chair

Janis McNutt, Co-Chair

Show your support and join us at a future meeting.


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